I am my own hero

FINALLY. I realised. I seriously need no body to be my hero. to rescue me. To take care and protect me. I don’t need a safe habour. I AM MY OWN ONE. In myself my heart finds rest, protection and strength.

I finally got there. I finally found myself. This was a huge journey. And I have come to the end.

He wanted to be all this for me. He told me yesterday on the phone. And it just felt SO WRONG. So bad. So much that I just wanted to run.

I said goodbye and hang up.

I know my value. I know what I bring to the table. And I know that I can be by my own without missing something. I am my own fucking HERO. MY OWN. THIS ALL COMES FROM INSIDE. And NO BODY. Not a single human beeing can give me what I am missing inside. Unless myself.

I did it. I am full of love to myself. I am free standing. By my own. And I fucking enjoy it. Every second of it. Every moment. This is my life. I want to live it to its fullest and greatest. It’s a lot about me. I know. But about whom should it be else? I am the most important person in my life. Till now. Till the moment I reproduce myself. It’s me. Then its my child. And then my husband. And why? Because when I break down. Everything breaks down. I need to make sure that I am balanced. Healthy.

I don’t give a shit about others opinions. I have seen already too much and went thought too much. For me. At this moment. THIS IS THE TRUTH. My own truth. In my universe.

I am complete. I am not searching for a missing piece.

I love myself. With all that I have. With all the warmth, security and confidence. I love myself like a mother her child. I LOVE MYSELF. I LOVE U. I LOVE ME. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.