I was done with the topic. I cleared it out for me. Swiped my hall and was about to close the window.

On the other hand I believe that when life takes something/someone from me, it gives me a better version of this in return. I believed it. But I couldn’t really imagine this will happen fast. SO fast. And there he goes. The better version of the last ‚ apparently perfect ‚ guy. Thats unbelievable. So much that I start being afraid.

He is serious about the thing between us. Maybe too euphoric about this all. I need time to figure things out. He on the opposite just asks me straight. I really don’t know where this leads to. Maybe he is also not the right? Shouldn’t it be easy with the right person? Its super interesting with him. But not easy. It difficult. He is asking me tonnes of questions. And he cannot be really silent. And he tells me that I need to react in a certain way when he gets mad.

Honestly. I don’t want to need to react in a certain way. U get mad? Good for you. Deal with it. I am not your collecting tank which you can put your madness inside.

I think I need to start being more myself than the little sweet cute person. Thats also me. But I am not JUST sweet. I need to make my point clear. Otherwise it will take a wrong turn.

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