I am easy like Sunday morning

Listen to ur intuition. Listen to how u feel. Don’t force. Don’t ignore. Observe but don’t act immediately. Not everything deserves your reaction. And most important: Leave before u can be left. It hurts less. Because it was your decision. There was nothing passive in it. U decided. U walked away. It always feels better.

Leave and don’t look back – u have some time to be emotional- then go back to life.

I don’t take feelings serious anymore. They are the less constant things in life. I wake up everyday with a bunch of different feelings. I read somewhere its like having a big hall inside me and feelings are like birds. They come, they shit, they stay a while and then they just go.

So today I opened all my doors in the hall. So this fucking birds were flying confused around. And till tomorrow they will be all gone. Just their shit will be all around. Then it will be my job to wipe this fucking hall.

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