no matter how u feel – get up. Dress up. Show up.

Lesson learned. The days I feel less beautiful or less likely to take a shower I need it the most. Woke up today and was like naaah..uni? Skip that shit. I took a fast breakfast, not really tasty just to have sth eaten. Then my coffee and got some uni stuff done. By this time I was smelling. My hair were ugly and I was about to stay in the whole day. No social interaction. All good. But I didn’t feel good. I forced myself to take a shower. Then I forced myself to clean my face.


Then I started to enjoy my day. I put some lipstick on, grabbed my favourite pullover and decided I will use this day to finally do some paperwork I needed to pick up from my uni.

So I went out, still no really social interaction and I was perfectly fine with that. But I didn’t let my laziness and my bad mood from yesterday ruin my day.

So lesson learned and note to myself: Even if u really don’t feel like dressing up. At least take a long warm shower. Put some cream on ur dry skin, pick a nice perfume to feel fresh, brush ur hair, brush ur teeth. Don’t let urself go. U deserve better! U deserve to smell good. To look good and start loving urself.

Do it for yourself. Ask yourself, what would you do for a person you really in love with? And then JUST FUCKING DO IT FOR YOURSELF.

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